Friday, July 11, 2014

Promises, promises....

How many times have I promised to start blogging...and for how many years? Seems like a long time, and it probably here goes...

A busy week all done; we celebrated my mother's 92nd birthday in fine style with a trip to the beach strip with fish and chips at Hutch's...the best fish and chips ever...not to mention the best onion rings! The weather was beautiful...not too hot and we got a picnic table under some trees. A trip to the Hamilton Harbour front followed with a trip on the trolley to see the sights and then an ice cream cone to finish the evening off in style

Lots of quilting this week...First up; 3 quilts from Pam, all beautifully pieced - square and flat. All 3 got a panto.The first one is flannel and the panto is Flirtatious by Timeless Quilting.

Next is a beautiful floral strippy and the panto is Pretty Paisley by Beany Girl Quilts.

The  third one is probably my favourite with soft blues and yellows. I used Judy Allen's Royal Plumes to quilt it which is a favourite even if it is a lot of quilting! I love how these turned out, and hope Pam does too!


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