Saturday, July 26, 2014

Holiday Time again!

Sometimes I wonder if it's worth the time and effort, and this year is a prime example. Case in point; DH has a date in mind to go, and that's all good, however it doesn't mesh with my schedule...which is fine, except he doesn't want to be without his boat until I can get there.

So a special trip to Manitoulin Island to drop the boat was in order. Up at 5, on the road by 5:45 with peanut butter sandwiches and fruit in hand for breakfast. Arrive at ferry dock in Tobermory with 10 minutes to spare before 10:30 check-in for the 11:30 sailing. Lunch on boat and off at South Baymouth at the appointed time. 1 hour to camp, talk to Steve, drop boat and then a quick stop for frozen treats for the puppies and us and back on the road to South Baymouth for the return ferry trip. Off the ferry in Tobermory at 7:30 and on the road again. Quick stop for dinner at a local fast food joint and a stop for gas and home by 12:30 am, bed at 1:04...zzzzzz

The day was beautiful, the puppies behaved, and traffic wasn't too bad, so it was a good day all in all, just very long.

 DH will have a month on Manitoulin, and hopefully will catch lots of fish. I will get to stay home and hear about the fish...and hopefully get a fish dinner or 2 when I am able to be up there when I get some time off...

For now though I get to keep things humming here at home finishing off some customer quilts and possibly one or 2 of mine for a change. They say change is as good as a rest so maybe that will have to be my holiday...but I can still hope for some time away...can't I?


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