Thursday, December 4, 2014

Busy Days

He who's not busy being born is busy dying.  (Bob Dylan)

People who are busy and happy don't write diaries; they are too busy living. (Robert Heinlein)


...wonder if they also don't write blogs...I have to wonder as it gets to be week after week before I find the time to sit down a write in spite of my promise back in the summer to keep at it. So what is it about being busy?


Partly it's the time of year when everybody gets caught up in the holiday season, partly it seems to be an age thing...could it be that as we age we actually get less efficient, or is it that we REALLY do have more to do in less time, because we don't have the luxury of looking ahead to an entire lifetime of tomorrows….don’t know the answers, but I sure wish I had the pattern for “TIME” the new and improved version – I’d make me some more!


Some of the things keeping me busy aside from the ‘working for a paycheck job’ are customer quilts,  guild projects, and doing some of my own piecing and hopefully over the holidays some quilting for ME…but we’ll see.


I finished this one up on the weekend, couldn't find the time to hang it and shoot some pictures; so here  goes.. the quilt is roughly 90" square. The schoolhouse blocks are 12" sampler blocks made into a traditional looking schoolhouse block, each about 21" x 19". Three more blocks on the back. The colours were hard to shoot as the blocks are a batiks in the mossy grey green family. The sashing and borders are a taupe-y mottle. It's a pretty quilt and as a bonus well pieced and flat...yay!

Sashing, and block detail
Roof detail and chimney "smoke"
Block, sashing, and bottom border detail
Full quilt


So, lots of stuff to keep me busy including guild projects, and more customer quilts to post, but more about all of that to come...



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